eLabs brings together a community of individuals who are interested in making source materials accessible, discoverable, or (re)imaginable, and in exploring and discussing the tools, considerations, and methods involved in that work.

We welcome practitioners from all identities, disciplines, affiliations, and levels of experience. We welcome projects from all stages of a project lifecycle—from projects in the brainstorming phase, to those that have already ended. And we welcome the use of any tools or methodologies that creatively promote the discoverability, accessibility, or imaginability of source materials. Our community includes archivists, librarians, students, genealogists, local and family historians, community center volunteers and members, and many others.

We invite all practitioners interested in sharing their work and connecting with others to join our community. You can start by creating a practitioner or project profile (or both!). You can add as little or as much information about yourself or your project as you would like to share with other eLabs community members.

Welcome to the eLabs community. We look forward to connecting with you!