eLabs FAQ

Enroll in any course (for free!) by visiting the course page and clicking the enroll button.

You can take any course, or course unit, at any time. And in any order. Go ahead—there’s no catch and no pressure!

You don’t need any qualifications to take the courses. You can sign up in your own time and take them at your own pace. If you find that you want some more background information, you might check out our topic pages for explanations of key concepts, or our glossary for definitions of widely used terms.

Yes! We host many kinds of events, including workshops, webinars, brown bag lunches, and forums. Check the Events tab for the latest details.

In our community directory, you can publish a profile for yourself and for your project. You’ll also find opportunities share your project in workshops and in informal interactions with fellow practitioners.

We love feedback and we’re excited to hear how we can improve! If there is a specific topic, resource, or course you would like to see, we ask that you complete one of the following forms, depending on your need: Request a Topic; Suggest a Resource; or Request a Course. If there is an individual you would recommend as a guide for a course, we ask that you complete the Recommend a Guide form. If there’s other feedback you would like to share, please feel free to answer our form How Are We Doing?

Yes it is! Please describe the course, workshop, or event you would like to teach through eLabs by filling out our form Propose a Course. We’ll get in touch with you after we have reviewed your proposal.