The George Washington Financial Papers Project

  • Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
  • Project duration: 2013 -
  • Project website

The GWFPP exists at the intersection of two challenges editors currently face: managing complicated editorial work and navigating the world of digital publication. The project focuses on a particularly difficult and dynamic dataset—financial documents. Work has advanced on three interconnected fronts: 1) developing document templates for both traditional financial documents, such as account books and ledgers, and for more esoteric texts, including receipts, journals, and memoranda; 2) developing taxonomies and data visualizations; and 3) constructing an open-source platform for content management, editing, and publication. In the course of tackling these challenges, the project has not only developed an open-access digital edition of GW’s, but also laid the groundwork for a Drupal for Editors prototype. This Drupal-based, open-source, editorial/publication platform will provide editors with a stable, flexible, and powerful platform to build engaging digital editions of financial documents.